On vacation, many people flee to the water, but still tend to lay down next to the hotel’s pool. At home, on the island of western industrial countries spending your leisure wet is at least connected with a trip to the next indoor swimming pool. Can we now feel free, if we constantly move in space built up by man? In still water?
Freedom lies in movement, in the flow, in the expanse. It requires braveness and vastness, diving into the unknown. But we seem to feel free if we have the option of swimming in the sea, still racing back and forth in water full of chlorine. This photobook attempts to thematize the interplay between freedom and lack of freedom and to express it metaphorically with moving and standing water.
Format: 17× 24 cm
Scope: 108 pages
Font: SangBleu Sunrise
Photography: Laif, The Cologne Agency for Photos & Reports

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