33 pt

The design conference ‘33pt’, now called ‘Editorial Lab’, takes place every summer. In 2017 we had a special location at our disposal: The ‘Pauluskirche’ of the Lydia Protestant Church in Dortmund. In order to fulfill the requirements of this place, we staged our event similar to church service, but as a ‘Service on Design’.
The event began with the speakers entering the scene. They were welcomed by a chorale tailored to their work and lives. The chorale was  sung by one student of the planning committee. Next, the planning committee entered the church, dressed in self-made clothes to highlight the special occasion. I wore a CMYK dress made of paper scraps from the print production, with a matching wreath of paper thorns. We wrote a profession of faith for design and threw paper balls as a sign of recognition for the speakers.
The accompanying media was also based on our concept. We designed the posters and the media for our website announcing our event exclusively on mobile phones: we used ‘Instagram’, ‘Google Maps’, ‘Siri’ and other applications.
Event Planning & Identity
Summer 2017 
In a class by Prof. Ulrike Brückner & Prof. Lars Harmsen 

Design Conference June 22, 2017
Node Berlin 
Sigrid Calon 
Nour Kelze