Data City 

What would a city made up of completely accessible data be? How would the citizens of that city be made to interact with data if this was the case? When presented with the concept of “Scarcity to Abundance”, the mind jumps to the overwhelming amounts of data produced on a day to day basis by the individual, and the inaccessibility to a large amount more of data produced. But what would happen if individuals had access to all data ever produced? What would the world look like if individuals moved in a world where even the currency relied on the potential data produced in the future?

Data City, the infrastructure and the institutions imagined in this potential “space” take into account the possible responsibilities and possible laws that an individual would have to follow were they to enter the “Data City”. With abundance, comes great responsibility and comes many problems of over-transparency in the case of Data City.
Artistic Research

Product Design
Installation Design

Project made together with:
Camille Wiesel
Jessica Jones

Project supervised by:
Farid Tabarki
Rindert de Groot

If you are to enter Data City you will become a citizen of Data City. Upon entering Data City you will be accepting that all your data will be accessible and usable by all citizens of Data City. While in Data City you will be required to follow the laws of Data City namely, using PoDa currency to pay for services and products honouring your PoDa payments, report content that is inappropriate to The Court of Data City act as a filter should something you post be deemed inappropriate as a prisoner in The Prison, you may not delete any data while in Data City.

By Entering Data City you accept all the terms mentioned above.

If you are a newcomer to Data City, new citizens must follow the tour guides for their introductory tour to Data City.

The Port

Hello soon to be data citizens! You passed the door to Data City, welcome to abundance! We are happy to welcome you amongst us. From now on, you will enjoy the abundance of data.

As a citizen of the data city it is empirical to fulfil these duties:
︎ Get checked for viruses and malwares
︎ Register at the City Hall
︎ Produce data
︎ Sell your future data

From this moment on, you will be completely transparent, all citizens in the space will be able to access your information. All actions will be monitored. All data will be collected.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

If you have any questions, please contact the City Hall. We are open 24/7.