Do Touch 

Crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic amplify how intense change can lead to overwhelmed and fearful individuals clinging to extreme positions, such as conspiracy theories. Even if these positions exist only in the margins, they can affect the lives of all inhabitants of a society. Rather than evaluating the positions themselves, Do Touch is an interactive installation that invites people to explore the nature of their positions through the medium of slime. A material in-between solid and fluid, slime can be formed and reformed, visualizing the pull back and reach out movement of communication and interaction, and of existent but mutable boundaries.

Text by Nadine Botha

Artistic Research
Special thanks go to:
Franziska Bax, Gijs de Boer, Nadine Botha, Maxime Benvenuto, Oshin Siao Bhatt, Fernand Bretillot, Matilde Brizzi, Janfer Chung, Camille Guibaud, Lina von Jaruntowski, Jessica Jones, Neal Jordan, Yaniya Lee, Pedro Lobo, Jonė Miškinytė, Wineke van Muiswinkel, Niels Postma, Patricia Reed, Jack Segbars, Emma Sfez, Saskia van Stein, Camille Wiesel 

© Eva Lotta Landskron