Geschäftsunfähig ist, wer [...]

This project was made by Eva Lotta Landskron and Milena Gwinner in a four days seminar in Betburg-Hau, the biggest psychiatry in Nord-rhein-Westfalia. Living in a clinic or a psychiatry, the heteronomy of others is omipresent. Whether one only has to change one’s daily routine or eating habits, the change is usually significant and necessary, if not for one’s own protection, then for the protection of others. This publication deals with the problem of loosing autonomy, told on different levels: the book combines legal texts with fiction, rational facts with emotions.
Book Design

Size: 14 × 18 cm
Volume: 80 pages
Fonts: TheW and Buenos Aires
Pictures and Layout by Eva Lotta Landskron
Texts by Milena Gwinner