Ton in Ton

‘Ton in Ton’ found its origin in the installation ‘Behind the Scenes’. Melis Güngolu and I continued to work on the question we had found in Venice: What happens when the stimulus satiation is limited to one stimulus: Sounds? Sounds are around us, the pure silence screams. Sounds accompany us everywhere. Sounds change emotions, actions, move masses, move the individual. The sensory world in its entirety is the ultimate experience. Artists and designers have always sought to direct the eye of their recipients. Sometimes this is achieved by reducing the visual output to something special, which can be part of everyday life.
Our environment exists in its form for a long time, maybe we can have an impact on others by refocusing our and their perspectives. By showing the sensory perception of sounds and their transfer into a visual expression we look at a world in ours that would have remained hidden without this focus.

Book Design

Project created with Melis Günoglu

In a seminar by Prof. Lars Harmsen
Volume: 202 pages
Format: 20 × 28 cm