The two short films ‘How to Ride Through Zion’ and ‘Why Wouldn’t You Get Out of the Car?’ were both created during a three day workshop by 
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Artistic Research

Film Making

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J Utah just follows his plan. He is a “frequent traveler with a camera. If you enjoy, please subscribe, like, comment, or share!”

Sometimes you wonder if your are missing out. Shouldn’t you stop your car from time to time?

You wonder if the world you see through your window is real, or vanishes as soon as you pass by. You wonder if you would be able to capture the moment, to hold it still, to freeze time—if you would just go out of the car. But you are too scared to try, you avoid thinking that life flashes by as fast as the trees you see through your window.

Why don’t you get out of the car? Why do you stay on the route, when being off track might surprise you?