You know, in the end, your thoughts are on their own.

Thinking of values and valuables I came to the result, that thoughts are the most valuable to me. Every thought is unique and bound to an individual. This makes them a powerful tool. By deciding which thoughts you share you can paint the picture of the person you want to be seen as.
The carpet is a diary, in which I shared some of the random thoughts that passed my mind. They are sometimes weird, sometimes funny, and always positive. The nearly ridiculous effort and the time I put into stitching these thoughts goes hand in hand with the current trend of creating a preferably relatable image of yourself on social media. The contrast of the information and the method asks one main question: Are we wasting too much time trying to present ourselves in the best way possible forgetting how precious honesty and realness is?

Summer 2018
In a seminar by Vanessa van Dam and Adriaan Mellegers
Topic of the seminar: ‘Designing Value’
Size: ca. 594 × 841 mm
Font: Buenos Aires 

Size: 297 × 420 mm
Font: Buenos Aires 

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