The brand dead_gold was created after the examination of the epic of the golden calf. This is found in the story of the Exodus in the Bible: Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt and frees them from slavery. But  Moses leaves them by themselves in the desert. They feel alone, insecure and disorientated. To deal with their fears, they create a golden calf. They celebrate it as their new god and their new leader.
The aim of the brand dead_gold is to find a common ground in the differences of individuals. Today there is no longer just one golden calf in the desert, because each individual searches for his or her own way to satisfy his or her needs for security, orientation and self-affirmation. But as soon as we define ourselves based on the differences to other people and lives, the different worlds drift apart and the heterogeneous society is no longer capable of discourse. It paralyses its own  progressive development. By thematizing and criticizing our calves and the calves of others, the brand dead_gold can call for a new emotion-free discourse.
The catalog serves as a link between the different environments in which objects can have an effect. It is divided into three parts: First, the objects of the brand dead_gold are shown in an object catalog. After that, their origin and content is displayed: An amazon-catalog shows the different products that are depicted on the objects. Finally, the objects are presented in a scenographic staging.

The catalog is part of my bachelor-project: the creation of the brand dead_gold. It has been supervised by Professor Lars Harmsen. Second examiner was Professor Dirk Gebhardt

August 2020
Volume: 134 pages
Format: 26 × 40 cm
Language: German
Printing: LimeGo
Paper: 190 g/m² Soporset Premium Offset, 
120 g/m² Soporset Premium Offset, 130 g/m² Image-print, glossy coated

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