The objects of the brand dead_gold are everyday objects. The first collection consists of blankets, flags and towels. Each group of objects was produced especially for one group of individuals. Not their design refers to the respective group of individuals, but the content depicted on them.
Each object asks where we feel safe and secure, where we find orientation and when and how we can express ourselves. The materiality emphasizes the content of the objects. Since there are many different golden calves today, which are not necessarily golden anymore, the objects of the brand dead_gold show several products from the online-shop amazon at the same time, which might appear as golden calves. In the identical representation of the different products, they appear as a homogeneous group. Thus the objects can call for acceptance and tolerance of people living differently than oneself.
The objects are part of my bachelor-project: the creation of the brand dead_gold. It has been supervised by Professor Lars Harmsen. Second examiner was Professor Dirk Gebhardt

Color: black and white 
Material: Polyester & Microfibre
Printing process: Sublimation printing 
Format: 155 × 125 cm
Format:150 × 90 cm
Format: 100 × 50 cm
Shipping box:
Format: 35 × 26 × 10 cm
Material: cardboard  
Printing process: Digital printing with water-based ink

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