During an excursion to Venice in October 2018, I created an installation
together with Melis Günoglu which interprets the theme ‘Behind the Scenes’. We were supposed to change the pedestrians gaze’ and disturb
their activities.
We focused on sounds: next to wheeled suitcases on cobblestones we heard pigeons soaring, sales conversations in English, an operatic
aria that was sung in a lonely part of the city and street musicians who played the waltz from the movie ‘Amélie’ on guitars. We mixed those sounds and created our so called song ‘Venice Noises’.
What happens if sounds are even more emphasized by their visualization? We have made the sounds tangible. A sound curve not only became a beautiful object in an alley, people became irritated and perhaps after this irritation listened more intensely to see if they would hear anything special in the surrounding sounds. But they would only hear the noises of Venice in this specific alley.

Fall 2018
Installation in Venice, Italy
In a seminar by Prof. Lars Harmsen

Venice Noises

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