Where is the truth and the lie, the facade and the background?
What is real, what is wrong?
In a class which took place in the winter term of 2017/18 students of the faculty of design in Dortmund had to create a publication on the topic of inside/outside. The students had to find their own way to deal with the assignment, so every publication is different and an expression of the individual thoughts. They were inspired to work in different visual ways, including graphics and illustration. All publications were printed on the risograph in Berlin at the drucken3000 studio and at the University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund. 
The class was supervised by Lars Harmsen and Frank Höhne; all the different publications were combined in this book, made by Viola Dessin and Eva Lotta Landskron. It is printed on the risograph at the University of Applied Science and Arts Dortmund in fluorescent orange. 
Thanks to all students contributing their work for this book. 

Size: 148 × 210 mm 
​​​​​​​Volume: around 300 pages 
Font: Buenos Aires 

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