On the one hand, the objects of the brand dead_gold function as products that can be purchased, but on the other hand they are also exhibits that have been staged in the context of a museum. The objects try to connect different environments. Thus they do not try to convince the individual to buy. They do not manipulate and their purpose justifies the decision to buy. Finally, their content allows them to reflect.The scenographic staging of this exhibition illuminates the product world of the dead_gold brand in a different light. The objects are perceived less as objects of utility than as design objects, which are intended to entice the viewer to self-reflection.The exhibition is part of my bachelor-project: the creation of the brand dead_gold.

Edititorial Design
Product Design

Exhibition Design
Place of exhibition:
Künstlerhaus Dortmund
Sunderweg 1
44147 Dortmund

Special thanks go to:
Lars Harmsen
Dirk Gebhardt.